Thu. Aug 11th, 2022


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[GAME] PS5 scalpers apparently secured '2000+' orders from Game

PS5 scalpers apparently secured '2000+' orders from Game

PS5 scalpers continue to cause problems for those searching where to buy PS5, as a group claim to have snapped up over 2000 consoles from Game.

GAME plays down scalping group's claim it snagged 2000 PS5s in …

An organised scalping group has claimed it scooped up more than 2000 PlayStation 5 consoles from GAME's restock today. A Twitter account belonging to the …

PS5 stock updates from Argos, Game, Amazon and Smyths

Amazon, Currys and Argos are all tipped to have new stock in February while Smyths Toys confirmed they will have availability in “February 2021”.

Rates Spark: A game of two halves

The ECB tomorrow should bring an early end to a busy supply slate in EUR. We think this will bring a bull-flattening of the EUR curve. The re-tightening of…

UK retailer GAME puts in measures to stop PS5 scalpers

Follows people using bots to apparently secure over 2,000 consoles. UK retailer GAME has said that it has introduced measures to stop scalpers buying huge …

PS5 stock UK latest as restock sparks queue of thousands

The PlayStation 5 was released in November and has been sold out at leading retailers ever since.

PS5 restock news: Stock update as GAME reveals UK PlayStation 5 …

THE most recent PS5 restock event has ended, with UK retailer GAME providing an update on its pre-order plans.

GAME details efforts to prevent PS5 scalpers

UK retailer assures automatic checks will help ensure the 'one per customer' rule is upheld as new stock becomes available.