Thu. Aug 11th, 2022


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[Batwoman] 'Batwoman' Is Back And Its New Batwoman Is Better

'Batwoman' Is Back And Its New Batwoman Is Better

Batwoman has returned for season 2 on The CW, and so begins what is easily the strangest experiment of this new winter season of television.

Batwoman Season 2 Teases Kate Kane Is [SPOILER]

Batwoman's Season 2 premiere answers the question asked by its title; 'What Happened To Kate Kane?' Yet that answer only offers more questions.

Javicia Leslie's 'Batwoman' Debut Plummets 80% in Ratings From …

Javicia Leslie debuted as the new caped crusader on The CW's "Batwoman" last night, but her start didn't shine as bright as Ruby Rose's.

The New Batwoman Punches a Man's Face Off in Her Debut and It's …

What Happened to Kate Kane?” is the season two premiere of CW's Batwoman. Kate Kane is gone and Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder is more than ready to take …

What Happened to Kate Kane? Here's the Real Reason Ruby Rose …

Ruby Rose left 'Batwoman' because she sustained a neck injury and was replaced by Javicia Leslie. But, what happened to Kate Kane? Is she really dead?

Batwoman 2×01 Review – Shadow of the shadow of the Bat

Batwoman season 2 has premiered and it's time to see if switching characters is going to work as well as everyone hoped.